The Rocio Beauty brand story.

・ Our determination to return to a natural plant-based skincare concept: our requirements for skincare are as important as those for the foodstuffs we consume. Therefore, we developed our skincare products with the concept of creating the best and most natural skin defense in mind.

・ The concept of oxygenation: our pioneer member, Dr. Lin, a surgeon who graduated from the University of Southern California, has used hyperbaric oxygen therapy to treat patients. Our aim is to create skin care products made from high-quality ingredients that would rejuvenate the skin in a similar way.

・ The creation of premium skin care products with the same dedication to quality we apply to making our electronic devices. The production methods of our skincare products adhere to strict standards, just as those of the manufacture of our electronic products. For our customers' peace of mind, all products are subject to robust safety inspections and product verification procedures.

Brand founding member profile

Ms. Limin Lai:

Lillian has over 30 years of experience in risk management and financial advisory consulting. She is an American Certified Risk Manager and holds a Master degree in Business Administration from the Belgium Liege University. Prior to founding Toro Biotech Co., Ltd., Lillian served as Chairman and CEO of the Taiwanese subsidiary of one of the world's leading risk management groups, overseeing and leading the Taiwan business.

Prior to this, she worked in the international risk management and brokerage markets, including Taiwan, Hong Kong, China and Australia for nearly two decades, providing risk retention, risk transfer and reinsurance arrangements for large-scale businesses or organizations in Europe, the major capital markets of the United States and Australia. As an internationally registered risk manager, Lillian conducted risk counseling for internal bidding agents and board members for corporate clients.

In recent years, in addition to serving as a special risk consultant for the company, she has focused on abduction & extortion, Kidnap and Ransom, crime risk counseling. She also provides services such as M&A risk due diligence for corporate investment. Lillian founds angel funds for start-ups, especially in Green Energy, Blockchain Applications and Biotechnology industries.


Dr. Chunnan Lin:

Dr. Lin graduated with honors from the University of Florida with a double-degree in biochemistry and zoology. He is also a tooth implant specialist, a role that demands high levels of medical skills and ethics. Currently, in addition to being a clinical associate professor at the University of Southern California and Los Angeles County Hospital, Dr. Lin is an attending physician at the Los Angeles Children's Hospital. He has also served as director of the Venice Dental Center at UCLA and he also has licenses in dentistry in California, Arizona, Florida, and Texas. After graduating from the famous cradle of American dentistry, he obtained a doctoral degree from Indiana University. Once entering the profession, he obtained specialist qualifications in oral surgery and reconstruction from the University of Miami and the University of Texas, and received a Diploma in oral cancer treatment at the MD Anderson Cancer Center in the United States, and further training in oral cancer treatment at UCLA. Furthermore, he has undertaken specialized research on occlusal joint problems and full-mouth denture reconstruction and facial rejuvenation. He has returned to the basic concept of nourishing the skin as a post-operative measure for the maintenance and healing of facialskin after plastic surgery. From this, Dr. Lin and Toro started the skincare brand.

Why do we use sea grapes?

According to a research report by Dr. Limin Lai from The Biomedical Technology and Device Research Laboratories at Industrial Technology Research Institute, the sea grape has anti-allergic properties, and promotes anti-aging through collagen proliferation. Sea grapes also contain many amino acids and vitamins required by the human body (Saito et al., 2010), contain omega-6 PUFA such as oleic and arachidonic acids (Niwano et al., 2009), have a protein content of 10.41% and a total fat content of 1.6%-3.7% (Matanjunetal., 2009), have blood purification and antioxidant effects, and contain compounds implicated in anti-cancer and anti-tumor effects (Maeda et al., 2011a). So, more than being just a pure, natural food, sea grapes have other beneficial effects.

Sea grapes, also known as "longevity algae", are composed of 80% seaweed polysaccharides, collagen, and dietary fiber, as well as a balanced composition and range of amino acids, and a low-fat content composed mostly of unsaturated fatty acid. They are also rich in minerals and vitamins, and not only contain trace elements such as phosphorus, copper, and selenium, but also contain a variety of essential nutrients which can boost the body's immunity, activate brain cells, and enhance beauty. Sea grapes are a kind of seaweed that is brimming with health-promoting properties.

Sea grape constituents Effects
Linolenic acid Anti-allergic; anti-thrombotic; delays the aging process.
EPA Promotes the metabolism of saturated fatty acids in the body, lowering cholesterol and triglycerides
DHA Promote the growth of brain nerves in young children, anti-allergy. Strengthen immunity
SDA Improve cardiovascular health
DGLA Anti-allergy, anti-inflammatory
ARA Promote brain development, improve visual acuity and improve immunity
Caulerpenyne Inhibition of gout, antioxidants
Caulerpal A Lipase inhibitors decrease fat absorption (used in obesity treatment); also inhibits the protein tyrosine.
Caulerpal B Lipase inhibitors that treat obesity; also inhibit protein tyrosine Enzyme activity for the treatment of type 2 diabetes
Glucomannan Lipase inhibitors decrease fat absorption (used in obesity treatment); also inhibits the protein tyrosine.
β-1,3-polyxylose Prevents apoptosis of cancer cells and prevents mastitis
Vitamin B6 Avoid arteriosclerosis, lower blood sugar, lower cholesterol
Vitamin B12 Essential for healthy brain, nerves, and blood.

Sea Grape Mask – Product Characteristics

Lyocell fiber mask paper

1.Produced with green fiber mask paper - Lyocell ~ Lighter and thinner

2.Uses an elastic, soft, and eco-friendly material. It can stretch to fit and smoothly conform to the underlying face features.

3.Excellent skin moisture absorption.

4.Contains no alcohol or fragrances.

5.Sea grape soft white anti-aging mask uses sea grape extract, which has smoothing, anti-sensitivity properties, and anti-aging effects, through boosting collagen production.

Other fibers: thickness of 7 mask papers(1.07mm)

Lyocell: thickness of 7 mask papers ( 0.97mm)

Others: Poor longitudinal stretching

Lyocell: Longitudinal, transverse stretch is similar

Other fibers: 13-15μm(average 14μm)

Lyocell fiber : 8-10μm(average 9μm)

Others water absorption: 9.62(g)

Lyocell water absorption: 11.29(g)

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