About Us

Toro Biotech’s key executive, Ms. Lillian Lai, is a Certified Risk Manager (CRM) in USA. She has 35-year experiences in corporate risk management and has had served as the regional director of the Australian branch and as Chief Executive and Chairman of the Taiwan subsidiary for the global top 500 corporation registered in the UK.

With her prior experiences in Hong Kong and the Australian capital markets, she counsel and funded the startups and providing large-scale companies with consultation services to avoid merger and acquisition risks. She assists the clients to establish the company risk transfer strategies for operational and overseas construction projects. In recent years, she involved with projects in dealing with the corporate criminal risk control and crisis management; such as fraud, crime, kidnapping, and the other incidents.

The company has gathered a professional team to execute the product design with strong technology and cosmetic industry background. We innovate in research and produce the health-level natural plant extracts ingredients to develop a variety of skin care, weight control and Beverages products.

The company is committed to promoting environmental friendly products to establish corporate governance structure for sustainable development.

Our original intention is to use healthy and healthy sea grape ingredients for food and professional medical beauty of vegetable tanned skin care products and oral care products, plus the convenience of using electronic products in life, to share with our dear Friends and family. Bring the best quality and cost-effective products to every home. We can feel a happy life because of our products. Our goal center is to let consumers who use our products to always feel safe, secure, comfortable and satisfied.

Dr. Lin Chun Nan, MD, a clinical professor of the Department of Oral Surgery and Oral Oncology at the Affiliated Hospital of Los Angeles, one of our team partners, has fully utilized the characteristics of sea grape raw materials to develop useful skin care products. After the subsequent clinical verification, it is expected that the sea grape can exert its maximum efficacy and effect on the product. Dr. Lin is not only researching raw materials, but also making the best use of the natural properties of raw materials. Our team also hope to develop the characteristics and efficacy of the raw materials that it has discovered. In the future, we will be able to develop more health-care products related to human health. Next, we will work with our team partners to plan the timeline and hope to get some of the profit from the products and feedback them to the groups that need help. We also plan to offer free courses and lectures from time to time to enable those in need to learn. What we hope to bring to the end of the product is that the user can pass on the word of mouth and let the good natural edible raw materials bring a stable body and mind through consumption and use. Naturally, everyone will live happyly and share hapiness for each other.